Saturday, March 29, 2014

Author L.F. Patten Holds Book Signing Event

The LAC Art Center was filled with eager friends and fans of L.F. (Laurey) Patten Thursday evening for a reading and book signing.  Laurey read Chapter 1 of her recently published book The Sinistral Talent while the audience sipped wine and snacked on strawberries and chocolate.
Author L. F. (Laurey) Patten
Laurey discussed the journey of getting her first book published (a ten-plus year period) as well as her writing process, giving credit to critiques for guidance to a completed book.

The Sinistral Talent is a heroic fantasy adventure set in a world where the "spoil" handed ("spell" handed) are outcast.  With plenty of action and excitement, it carries the reader through a tale of two unlikely heroes who reluctantly join forces for the greater good.  The initial reviews rate Patten's first novel a must read!
Friends & Fans of L. F. Patten listen to her read Chapter 1
Laurey has other books in the hopper that continue this story.  We are thrilled for Laurey's success and eager to read her next episode.

In addition to authoring fiction, Laurey teaches pottery and precious metals jewelry making at the Washington Heights Arts Center in Lakewood.  Laurey is a member of the Co-op Gallery at the LAC Art Center where her work can be seen.

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