Sunday, November 24, 2013

LAC November Board Meeting

The Lakewood Arts Council Board meeting took place at the home of Barbara Tobiska.  With a good attendance and many items to discuss, we were able to fill the 4 hour time slot and then some!  Fortunately, we were fueled by the delicious pot-luck selections from all the attendees!  Much was accomplished by this efficient group, following President Barb Benik's agenda.  We discussed budgets, increasing our membership, exhibits and events for next year and community outreach goals such as connecting with other local art organizations such as 40West, Block 7 in Belmar, and the Lakewood Cultural and Heritage Centers.  The public is always welcome to join us for meetings -- we would welcome your input!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Holiday Arts & Crafts Show

Looking for that perfect gift for the holidays?  Visit the Lakewood Arts Council Community Art Center for the Holiday Arts & Crafts Sale.  You'll find everything from ornaments, centerpieces, and wreaths to help you decorate, to hand-crafted ceramics, wall-hung art, pottery, clothing accessories, toys and food items for gift giving. There's also a great selection of holiday gift baskets.  If you weren't able to attend last night's Holiday Open House, there's still lots of inventory to choose from.  Enjoy the creativity of local Colorado artists and the hospitality of the LAC.  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tanis Bula Sunflower Workshop

Tanis Bula had a full classroom for her workshop on Friday, October 11, and by the look of it, everyone was enjoying the chance to try some new techniques.  "Mixing up the Mediums on Sunflowers" was the title of her workshop, where watercolor was combined with oil pastels, watercolor pencils and charcoal to create unique effects.  I was working the front desk at the gallery, but got to listen in and peek at the beautiful sunflowers everyone was painting.

Catching Tanis for a brief hello, I reminded her of how much I learned from her when I took her classes years ago.  She was instrumental in reinforcing the necessity of strong values in a painting, good composition and asymmetry,  and always showed so much joy in just trying a new hue or experimenting with a new technique.

Her love of painting flowers was evident from the examples of her work that she brought to display, and the subject for today's lesson.  She provided everyone with a sunflower photo to work from.

I heard Tanis exclaiming over the gorgeous yellows and burnt oranges in her palette, generously sharing her paints with the students.  They all got to work on crafting petal shapes, shadows and centers.  Kathy Cranmer, a student in the class and talented botanical artist and instructor herself, added helpful information about how sunflower centers, pinecones, pineapples and many other items from nature all follow the Fibonacci sequence in their patterns.  Tanis instructed on the use of oil pastels to create texture in the middle of the sunflower to add that extra sparkle.

Unfortunately, my shift was up before the class was over, but I got to see some masterpieces in progress.

What a beautiful sight seeing sunflower paintings all lined up in row!  There's nothing more cheerful than that!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Good reception for "Charlie & the Girls" and Terry Schultz

Last night's reception for "Charlie & the Girls" artists' challenge and the photography of Terry Schultz brought in lots of visitors eager to view the artwork, enjoy the refreshments, and mingle with friends.  With quite a number of sales, those visitors were happy to take some of the artwork home with them too!

The themed displays upstairs made it fun to see the different interpretations each artist made for subjects such as hats, dogs, reflections and wild animals.

  Downstairs, Terry's photos of his travels, including Greece and Scotland gave me the travel bug and made me appreciate his artist's eye in capturing the architectural and natural beauty of those destinations.

  Hopefully you were able to join us for this celebration of art last night -- if not, stop in the gallery during the month of October to take in this visual feast! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Charlie and the Girls

The second annual Artists’ Challenge deadline is finally here and the show will be hung this weekend.  What started out as a fun, themed show last year among five artists has continued to grow with the addition of 2 more artists and a few more themes.  The idea behind the challenge is that a few willing artists submitted 2 or 3 exhibit themes each and over the year artwork was created to creatively interpret those themes.  Last year, some subjects were cows, fish, comfort, patterns, and ocean.  This year the subjects are: Spiky Things, Letters, Safe Harbor, submitted by Ann Quinn; Dogs, Carnival, submitted by Gail Firmin; Wild Animals, Civilizations, submitted by Charlie Casper; Hats, Glass, Stripes, submitted by the late Kathy Berls, Reflections, Insects, Sunrise, Chairs, Oriental, Mountains and Citrus submitted by Barb Tobiska, Barb Benik and Lynnette Kupferer.
Ideally, all the work should have been created over the past year, but with busy schedules and painting time being the first activity to be bumped, it was necessary to go through my inventory to find a few existing pieces that fit the themes.  My original plan was to create a new piece of artwork every month starting last October to satisfy the painting challenge and I fulfilled that requirement for a few months.  So there are a number of new pieces as well as older works that are going into this show.
I know the main question that everyone wants answered is why is the show called “Charlie and the Girls”?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Charlie, being the token male in the group of six women, and with a joke for everything, wanted to call the show, “Charlie’s Angels”.  As you can imagine, the six of us nixed that!  So it remains, "Charlie and the Girls". The show will hang through the end of October, with an opening reception Thursday, October 10 from 6:30-8 pm.  Come on out and see the show!
"Fetched" ink and watercolor by Gail Firmin for the "dog" theme

Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 National Marquetry Show

The opening reception for the 2013 National Marquetry Show is tonight, September 12 from 6:30 - 8pm at the LAC gallery.  Come on out to see some beautiful wall hung pieces in addition to hand-crafted furniture and utilitarian items, all with finely finished wood inlay.  If you're not able to make the reception, the show will be on exhibit through October 4.  And here's some photos to whet your appetite!  Don't forget to bid on the silent auction items in the lower gallery -- it's a fundraiser for the LAC!