Monday, January 28, 2013

Lynnette Kupferer -- Artist in the Spotlight

I often find Lynnette Kupferer at the Lakewood Arts Council Art Center and Gallery, attending events, trying new mediums in the many workshops offered, or just stopping by to say hello.  She is always fun, makes  everyone feel welcome and her artwork is beautiful to behold, and sometimes quite whimsical. I asked her to answer a questionnaire so readers could find out a little more about her.  Here is what she wrote:

Lynnette Kupferer
Award Winning Mosaic and Colored Pencil Artist
LAC 25th Anniversary Merit award winner for her mosaic piece “Flourish”

                  Lynnette with "Flourish", mosaic
I was fortunate to start my life as a published artist at the age of two or there about.
One could find my drawings in most of the fine books we owned. Portraits of my dog Dukie, mom, dad, and crayola pictures of trees, houses and other favorite subjects … alas my parents weren’t as pleased about this as I was.
My creative flair continued in 2nd grade. In our free time, we were given the opportunity to draw the beautiful deciduous tree posted in the front of the room.  Many lovely hours were spent studying and drawing that tree.
Jr High - very special! I had the honor of being tutored by my art teacher, who had found something interesting in the skewed view of the world that my pictures showed. With her encouragement I tried many new things.


"Blown Away", colored pencil  "Fruitplate",mosaic
High school was art with Mr. Weatherbee.  Words really can’t explain his carefree type of teaching.  Unstructured assignments more reminiscent of college classes, gave us freedom and time to explore our artistic type …. College was so structured!  Loved the drawing classes, but oh Art Appreciation was a bore.
The real world…Life was delightful when I started modeling. I was store model for two stores, fashion coordinator, special events manager and modeled for several of the department stores in the Denver downtown area. Went to New York to check out that scene and all the while held down full time office jobs.
I didn’t give up on art though.  Began doing acrylic paintings after I left school and loved the medium.  
                     "Lenten Rose", colored pencil
 Explored a variety of art styles and learned a great deal on my own.  A few years ago I switched to colored pencil. So much cleaner than acrylics and with different strokes, one can easily mimic other mediums.
One day I found a call for artists, in the Denver Post, for a Shows on Loan program. I answered the call, which was located at the Lakewood Arts Council. I wasn’t accepted, but that day began my creative life with LAC.
       "Luscious Pear", pastel
Most recently I started making mosaics and love doing this. What a challenge it is designing these pieces, laying down line and values with stunningly beautiful glass. I look forward to teaching a mosaic class later this year.
            "Sunflower", mosaic
Ah the future!  I wonder what it would be like to work larger and more abstractly, possibly in acrylics again. 

Article and all photos courtesy of Lynnette Kupferer

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Members' Breakfast Meeting

The Lakewood Arts Council Breakfast Meeting on Saturday brought out a crowd looking for food, fun, friendship and fact finding. 

Hazelnut Cream coffee flowed, baked goods were abundant and a special crockpot  oatmeal provided by Jan and Charlie Casper (part of their 50 pound oatmeal donation by a friend – but that’s a whole other story!) made up a delicious breakfast that sated everyone’s hunger.

Members’ thirst for knowledge about upcoming LAC events was slaked when Kathy Berls announced a list of activities and exhibits that will take place in the upcoming year.  From art supply sales, a month of photography collaboration, to a country fair event, ethnic food tasting and our popular evening of soup sampling, the art center will be hopping with exhibits, sales, holiday events and celebrations of good taste.

The LAC Board was introduced to all the members and as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration, all meeting attendees were asked to write down a happy memory of something involving the LAC over the past years, to be included in a special published article. 
Always one to add a little levity to a meeting, Kathy then made us laugh with a little game involving some ludicrous shoes and birth dates – you really had to be there!  Once the meeting was over, a few members lingered for a bit more conversation, wandered upstairs to view the exhibit and memorabilia collection, and have a second breakfast.  Then full of facts, food and friendly feelings, they headed on home.
All photos by Charlie Casper

Saturday, January 12, 2013

LAC's 25th Anniversary Exhibit

Lakewood Arts Council’s 25th Anniversary Exhibit
Among the many activities planned to celebrate 25 years of being at the forefront of arts promotion in Lakewood and the surrounding community is a 25th LAC Members’ Anniversary Exhibit in the loft gallery.  This exhibit features artwork from 29 different artists in all different media and subjects.  The happy merit award winners are: Kathy Berls, June Davis, Lynnette Kupferer, Andi Sahlen, Donna Sorenson and Carla Stoltzfus.
Photos of their award winning artwork are below.  (All photos by Charlie Casper.)

Also included in this exhibit is memorabilia submitted by members past and present.  From commemorative T-shirts, to promotional calendars, binders of photos, and collections of newspaper articles, memories of fun and educational events are highlighted and bring back thoughts of good times with the Arts Council.
There’s so much to see at the LAC gallery:  the aforementioned exhibit upstairs in the loft, along with some remaining art supplies from Gene Smith, a wonderful selection of his art books at only $3 each, odds and ends at the recycle center – yours for a small donation, other used books – novels and miscellaneous art books.  And downstairs, continuing until February 8 or they’re all gone, Gene Smith’s beautiful pastels (33 framed works already have been sold!) And always in the main gallery, work from co-op members: wall art, 3D, jewelry and notecards.  Stop in the LAC gallery and help us celebrate our 25th anniversary!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gene Smith's Pastels

As you’ve probably noted by now, the Lakewood Arts Council Gallery is hosting a retrospective of Gene Smith’s pastels, who passed away in September of last year. (There is a lovely "in memoriam" of him on the LAC website, along with photos of his artwork).

Being in the area on Friday, I stopped in the gallery to see the show.  Gene’s pastel work has always been much admired by everyone and I’d always considered purchasing a piece (as I have of the many wonderful pieces of art in the LAC gallery), but when I saw the prices at this current show, I knew I’d have to buy at least one piece!

A particular painting appealed to me, done in his characteristic chiaroscuro, with an old tarnished copper kettle and a wooden kitchen tool, and of course graced with his ubiquitous red apples. Gene must have loved painting apples!  Two other small pieces – one with apples, one with pears would complement the larger piece for a balanced grouping.  Ok, I’ll be back in the gallery in the morning and purchase them then, I decided.

Upon my return to the gallery Saturday morning, what should I find but two of my chosen works had already sold!  I should have known that would happen!  At least “Wooden Tool” was still available, so I quickly claimed that as my own.

After Gene’s passing in September, his wife Myrna agreed to host this wonderful exhibit of Gene’s work at the Lakewood Arts Council Gallery.  It was his wish to help the LAC with proceeds from sales of his artwork.  Many of his beautiful pastels have sold already, and the sale of his art and framing supplies starts Monday, January 7th.
Stop in the gallery and enjoy this retrospective exhibit, then wander upstairs for the LAC Members’ 25th Anniversary Exhibit, on display through February 8th, and watch for the upcoming blog on this show.