Tuesday, December 30, 2014

UPDATE - We Will Be Back Soon!

When we closed our doors at 85 South Union at the end of October, we were hopeful that we would be back in business sooner, rather than later.  There were contracts to sign, contractors to hire, and a few major holidays to schedule around.  I'm pleased to be able to report that PROGRESS IS BEING MADE!

The interior space is undergoing demolition this week.  The contractor will be cleaning out the entire space, removing and replacing ceiling tiles, and bringing the restrooms up to current codes that include handicap accessibility.

Looking from Front to Back of Space.  The classroom/flex space
 is located beyond the opening in the wall on the left.

Looking from Front to Back of Space.  Large pile of debris, mostly the
remains of the walls that have been removed from the space.
More Pictures!  This is the classroom/flex space...

The classroom/flex space is to the right of the wall shown in the center of the photo.
The main gallery space is to the left of that wall.

Classroom/flex space
And More Pictures!

Looking from the classroom/flex space to the kitchen/coffee bar location.
The main gallery will be to the right of the wall that is sticking out.

Looking from the back of the main gallery space, across to the front
and south wall.  The two center posts and short wall will be removed,
leaving a large, open area for the main gallery.

Looking across the main gallery from back to front, showing the pile of debris.
Many thanks to our VP of General LAC Operations ANN QUINN, the architect on our project, who took these in progress photographs!

We will be posting more photos as work progresses.  We do not yet have an opening date, but check back on our website as we are keeping it updated.  We'll see you in 2015!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

8 Squared Event a FUNdraising Success!

The first annual 8 Squared Fundraising Event at the LAC Saturday evening was not only a fun time for all, but a successful fundraiser for the Arts Council.  Thirty-eight pieces of art sold raising over $2000!  Thanks to all who put in their time and effort to make this happen.

Over 50 artists donated 8x8 inch artworks making up the 150 pieces that hung in the gallery for the month of September.  For $100 a piece could be spoken-for prior to the event, with the rest going for $50 each during the sale.

A large crowd turned out for the event. The evening commenced with a preview hour from 6-7pm.  While sipping champagne or punch, and sampling the fancy dessert selection, visitors could view all the pieces and make their first, second and third choices.

 At the appointed hour, the floor was cleared and at precisely 7 pm, shoppers descended into the gallery to make a mad dash toward their chosen piece. Conversations then consisted of discussing who got which piece and what talent these artists have!  Cashier stations were set up in the main gallery space to ease congestion and make purchases quickly.

Barb Benik then gave away door prizes to contributing artists as well as LAC commemorative mugs and other favors.  Desserts and crowds started to disappear, and talk of next year's 8Squared Event brought up new ideas.  Everyone went home happy with their purchases and enjoyed a fun social evening at the LAC. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ronnie Seagren: Meet the Author series

Author, artist, singer, Ronnie Seagren visited the Lakewood Arts Council on Friday, September 19th, to talk about the genre of science fiction, and read a selection from one of her published short stories, "Listening".  An interested group gathered to listen to Ronnie as she recounted the story of a lone "listener" living in the mountains tending to the incoming data from MABEL, an instrument in the search for extraterrestrial life.
We also discussed the difference between "hard science fiction, soft science fiction" and other genres.  Ronnie's published novel "Seventh Daughter" was also available for sale, a portion of the profits promised to the Lakewood Arts Council.
Stay tuned for more upcoming literary events from the LAC!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

6 Gals and a Guy

The third annual artist-themed exhibit is on display in the loft gallery at the Lakewood Community Art Center and Gallery, 85 S. Union Blvd in Lakewood.  This fun show, titled “6 Gals and a Guy” for 2014, requires the seven participating artists to each submit two subjects at the start of the year, so 14 pieces of artwork can be created during the year to hang in the September show. 

The token male, Charlie Casper, responsible for the show’s title, submitted the theme, “In the Jungle”, which elicited tropical flowers, birds, and animals, and for his second theme of “Taking Flight”, I chose to draw a botanical illustration with colored pencils of maple leaves and their winged seeds, called Samaras. 

  Barb Tobiska, founder of the Lakewood Arts Council and past participant in this exclusive show, painted a soft oil painting seascape full of “Shells”, her submitted theme. 

 Her second theme of “Interior” inspired artistically rendered rooms, including Katy Haas’ miniature graphite piece.  Barb Benik, president of LAC suggested topics of “Sons and Daughters” and “The Land”, which resulted in some beautiful landscapes. 

Cats, Toys, Birds, Winter, Flowers, Water, Food and Skies were the other subjects artists had to interpret for their creations. 

 Artists included in this exhibit are Lynnette Kupferer, Barb Tobiska, Katy Haas, Barb Benik, Ann Quinn, Charlie Casper and Gail Firmin.  Stop by the gallery to see the show, on through the end of September.  For more information visit www.lakewoodartscouncil.org or call 303 980-0625.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dragon Tales told by Jeffco Spellbinders

Grandma Linda, from the Jeffco Spellbinders, visited the LAC on Saturday to weave her tales of dragons for a rapt audience.  With enthusiasm and inflection, she captured our attention with first a story of a poor mother and her son, who she sends out to find wealth to keep the family alive.  Meeting a hungry snake, the boy shares his last morsel of food.  To repay this kind deed, the snake turns into a dragon that provides the boy with a horse that spits out gold coins.  Of course there's an evil uncle in the mix, who steals the horse and confounds the boy, but gets his in the end.  And the moral of the story was not lost on Grandma Linda's audience.  Be kind and share.

After cookies and a drink, Grandma Linda continued with her second story, involving a prince and princess, with a fun but unexpected ending.  The princess outsmarting a boastful dragon was a good lesson in female wisdom, much to the delight of the ladies listening.

When the stories were over, dragon-art beckoned.  Learn to draw a dragon, color a dragon mask and fold an origami flying dragon kept the kids busy.  And venturing upstairs to see the City of Lakewood's Youth Summer Art Camp exhibit, more dragons awaited viewing.  It was a dragon-tastic day!

What fun, having tales told -- the oldest form of sharing stories.  The Jeffco Spellbinders are available to delight young and old.  Contact them at jcspellbinders@comcast.net if you're interested in attending a meeting, becoming a volunteer, or to have them visit your function.

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Well-Attended Reception

Thursday's reception for the Children's art from the City of Lakewood's Youth Summer Art Camps, and art from the DDRC's Art & Soul program brought out over 100 visitors to the LAC Art Center and Gallery.  So many fun subjects: Dragons and Weavings and Hats, Oh My!  I am always amazed at the creative interpretations these students give their artwork.  And seeing the look on their faces when they see their masterpieces hung in a gallery setting is just priceless!  The show will run through the end of the month.  Stop by the gallery and see for yourself!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Meet the Author, Liesa Malik-- Book Signing Event at the LAC

Liesa Malik relays to her gathered audience that it is widely regarded that the most influential invention ever to affect modern man was the movable-type printing press, developed by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439.  Allowing for mass communication, an increase in education and literacy, inspiration and entertainment permanently altered the structure of society.  This fact, along with a discussion of digital vs. hardcopy books, recycling, repurposing paper tomes, a trivia game on mystery tv shows, origami and helpful hints on setting up a still life with books, 

all accompanied her book signing and reading event at the LAC Saturday afternoon.  Oh, and did I mention she’s not only a published author, but a talented artist as well?

To get the attendees excited about the mystery genre, Liesa had collected trivia questions on mystery and crime-solving tv shows from current day all the way back to the 1960’s. A Milky Way candy bar was the prize for a correct answer.  Three correct answers shouted out despite a mouthful of chocolate garnered the grand prize of a free copy of her novel.  Who would’ve guessed remembering Allyce Beasley as Ms. Dipesto jabbering jingles on “Moonlighting” would have won me the prize? 
What fun we all had learning to fold heart-shaped origami bookmarks, learning about the “altered-books” artform, and trying our hands at folding designs in thrift store hardback cast-offs while Liesa read to us from her first-in-a-series of Daisy Arthur Mystery Stories, “Faith on the Rocks”. 

 Chapter one starts off with Daisy’s writing group finding out one of its own has been found murdered.  Place names in the book are all locations within Littleton, so it’s fun visualizing these familiar locales.  While we finished up our page-folding projects, Liesa managed sales and signed books, kindly donating a portion of the proceeds to the LAC.  

After enjoying too many cookies (did I really need those in addition to chocolate bars?) I headed home with my personalized copy of “Faith on the Rocks” and delved into it.  Liesa’s fun writing style, informative passages and development of intrigue definitely caught my attention.  What a great way to spend my Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, sitting on the patio reading her novel. 

 Liesa is available to visit your group or book club.  Contact her at LiesaMalik.Wordpress.com.  I know she will keep you happily entertained!  Thank goodness for that printing press!