Sunday, July 27, 2014

Meet the Author, Liesa Malik-- Book Signing Event at the LAC

Liesa Malik relays to her gathered audience that it is widely regarded that the most influential invention ever to affect modern man was the movable-type printing press, developed by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439.  Allowing for mass communication, an increase in education and literacy, inspiration and entertainment permanently altered the structure of society.  This fact, along with a discussion of digital vs. hardcopy books, recycling, repurposing paper tomes, a trivia game on mystery tv shows, origami and helpful hints on setting up a still life with books, 

all accompanied her book signing and reading event at the LAC Saturday afternoon.  Oh, and did I mention she’s not only a published author, but a talented artist as well?

To get the attendees excited about the mystery genre, Liesa had collected trivia questions on mystery and crime-solving tv shows from current day all the way back to the 1960’s. A Milky Way candy bar was the prize for a correct answer.  Three correct answers shouted out despite a mouthful of chocolate garnered the grand prize of a free copy of her novel.  Who would’ve guessed remembering Allyce Beasley as Ms. Dipesto jabbering jingles on “Moonlighting” would have won me the prize? 
What fun we all had learning to fold heart-shaped origami bookmarks, learning about the “altered-books” artform, and trying our hands at folding designs in thrift store hardback cast-offs while Liesa read to us from her first-in-a-series of Daisy Arthur Mystery Stories, “Faith on the Rocks”. 

 Chapter one starts off with Daisy’s writing group finding out one of its own has been found murdered.  Place names in the book are all locations within Littleton, so it’s fun visualizing these familiar locales.  While we finished up our page-folding projects, Liesa managed sales and signed books, kindly donating a portion of the proceeds to the LAC.  

After enjoying too many cookies (did I really need those in addition to chocolate bars?) I headed home with my personalized copy of “Faith on the Rocks” and delved into it.  Liesa’s fun writing style, informative passages and development of intrigue definitely caught my attention.  What a great way to spend my Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, sitting on the patio reading her novel. 

 Liesa is available to visit your group or book club.  Contact her at  I know she will keep you happily entertained!  Thank goodness for that printing press!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Colors Exhibit

Stop by the LAC Gallery to see the "Summer Colors" exhibit, on view now through August 1. Here's just a sampling of pieces from the upstairs and downstairs shows.