Monday, August 18, 2014

Dragon Tales told by Jeffco Spellbinders

Grandma Linda, from the Jeffco Spellbinders, visited the LAC on Saturday to weave her tales of dragons for a rapt audience.  With enthusiasm and inflection, she captured our attention with first a story of a poor mother and her son, who she sends out to find wealth to keep the family alive.  Meeting a hungry snake, the boy shares his last morsel of food.  To repay this kind deed, the snake turns into a dragon that provides the boy with a horse that spits out gold coins.  Of course there's an evil uncle in the mix, who steals the horse and confounds the boy, but gets his in the end.  And the moral of the story was not lost on Grandma Linda's audience.  Be kind and share.

After cookies and a drink, Grandma Linda continued with her second story, involving a prince and princess, with a fun but unexpected ending.  The princess outsmarting a boastful dragon was a good lesson in female wisdom, much to the delight of the ladies listening.

When the stories were over, dragon-art beckoned.  Learn to draw a dragon, color a dragon mask and fold an origami flying dragon kept the kids busy.  And venturing upstairs to see the City of Lakewood's Youth Summer Art Camp exhibit, more dragons awaited viewing.  It was a dragon-tastic day!

What fun, having tales told -- the oldest form of sharing stories.  The Jeffco Spellbinders are available to delight young and old.  Contact them at if you're interested in attending a meeting, becoming a volunteer, or to have them visit your function.

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