Tuesday, December 30, 2014

UPDATE - We Will Be Back Soon!

When we closed our doors at 85 South Union at the end of October, we were hopeful that we would be back in business sooner, rather than later.  There were contracts to sign, contractors to hire, and a few major holidays to schedule around.  I'm pleased to be able to report that PROGRESS IS BEING MADE!

The interior space is undergoing demolition this week.  The contractor will be cleaning out the entire space, removing and replacing ceiling tiles, and bringing the restrooms up to current codes that include handicap accessibility.

Looking from Front to Back of Space.  The classroom/flex space
 is located beyond the opening in the wall on the left.

Looking from Front to Back of Space.  Large pile of debris, mostly the
remains of the walls that have been removed from the space.
More Pictures!  This is the classroom/flex space...

The classroom/flex space is to the right of the wall shown in the center of the photo.
The main gallery space is to the left of that wall.

Classroom/flex space
And More Pictures!

Looking from the classroom/flex space to the kitchen/coffee bar location.
The main gallery will be to the right of the wall that is sticking out.

Looking from the back of the main gallery space, across to the front
and south wall.  The two center posts and short wall will be removed,
leaving a large, open area for the main gallery.

Looking across the main gallery from back to front, showing the pile of debris.
Many thanks to our VP of General LAC Operations ANN QUINN, the architect on our project, who took these in progress photographs!

We will be posting more photos as work progresses.  We do not yet have an opening date, but check back on our website as we are keeping it updated.  We'll see you in 2015!

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  1. I wondered where you guys were. I was over at the new location twice and saw no one. I even asked Planet Fitness where you were and they couldn't help. Thanks for the update.