Sunday, March 3, 2013

Do You Suffer from Exhibit Anxiety?

Many people stop in the LAC Gallery, look longingly at the artwork, and when engaged in conversation, admit that yes, they paint, but are too unsure of themselves to exhibit their artwork, they’re afraid of being rejected from a show, don’t want to pay the expensive fee required, or simply haven’t made the effort.

It really is so simple and rewarding to enter an exhibit at the LAC Gallery.  If you’re one of those artists making excuses not to submit your work, let me convince you to participate in an upcoming show.

First of all, you must be on the LAC’s mailing list in order to receive exhibit flyers.  They are mailed out well in advance of delivery dates, so paintings can be planned around themes.  Just read through and fill out the entry form -- it contains all the information you will need, and mail it or bring it in with the very minimal fee required – it’s usually only $6 or $7 which goes toward keeping the LAC going, and toward prizes if it’s a juried show. 
                                 Colorado's Best Exhibit Flyer

   Note the artwork delivery dates and times, the reception dates and times, and when to pick up unsold works after the show.  At delivery, just pick up your premade label, check for correct info, place it on your painting and leave your art to be hung and juried (if a juried show). 
                             Charlie Casper checks his label for correct information

                Always good news to see when delivering artwork!

        Artist and Juror Jim Pedersen with Best of Show winner.

  That’s it!  You’re now an exhibiting artist, and who knows, you may win a prize from the juror.  For the most popular shows, when more submissions are received than we have space to hang, there will be some rejects, which must be picked up at a specific time – but don’t worry, even professional artists get rejected at times too.  It all depends on what the juror is looking for – and there’s always another show to enter.
     Artwork carefully stacked, arranged and ready to be hung.

 The current show in the loft gallery is Colorado’s Best.  Open to all Colorado residents with no specified theme, all mediums accepted and many prizes given, this is a great one to enter. Although already juried and hung for this year, the reception is Thursday, March 7 from 6:30 to 8 pm. 
     Co-op gallery members work the front desk and have all information about upcoming shows and events. It is difficult to get a straight answer from Charlie Casper though with his silly sense of humor, but you will get a smile!
  Come on out to the reception for some refreshments, conversation and great art.  Downstairs in the LAC Members’ Gallery is the Spring Holiday show and on the LAC rental wall is artwork by Andi Sahlen. And while you’re there, ask about upcoming shows and events at the gallery.  In May, there’s the Cat exhibit, which also includes dogs and birds this year.  So get your cat paintings ready (or dogs or birds) and take pride in seeing your artwork on the walls of a gallery!  It’s exciting!
     Katy Haas helping to hang the Spring Holiday show downstairs.

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