Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's Going On?

I stopped in the LAC Art Center today since I was in the area, and I was greeted by Loraine Miller's smiling face at the desk.  Dressed in a bright pink shirt, she complemented the pretty floral artwork hanging on the wall behind her.

 The co-op gallery has been changed out with new selections and judging by the many pieces with bright colors and floral motifs, many of us are looking forward to spring!  Across from the desk is art in a cooler palette of blues and greens, peaceful to gaze at while gallery-sitting.  Kathy Berls always arranges an exhibit so beautifully.

A lot of chatter was going on in the classroom area -- the colored pencil workshop had just finished.  Workshop instructors Heidi Snyder and Dorothy DePaulo were talking with some of the participants.  Their workshops are always very popular.

Being hung in the classroom area is art by the co-op members and it is priced-to-go.  Deep discounts make these very affordable.
 And upstairs is the art-supply sale--lots of brushes, paper, frames, artwork and paints to be had for a donation. Also, new this year -- a recycled clothing boutique.

There's always something new at the LAC Art Center.  Stop in for some good buys, a chat with a fellow artist, and see what's going on!

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