Sunday, January 20, 2013

Members' Breakfast Meeting

The Lakewood Arts Council Breakfast Meeting on Saturday brought out a crowd looking for food, fun, friendship and fact finding. 

Hazelnut Cream coffee flowed, baked goods were abundant and a special crockpot  oatmeal provided by Jan and Charlie Casper (part of their 50 pound oatmeal donation by a friend – but that’s a whole other story!) made up a delicious breakfast that sated everyone’s hunger.

Members’ thirst for knowledge about upcoming LAC events was slaked when Kathy Berls announced a list of activities and exhibits that will take place in the upcoming year.  From art supply sales, a month of photography collaboration, to a country fair event, ethnic food tasting and our popular evening of soup sampling, the art center will be hopping with exhibits, sales, holiday events and celebrations of good taste.

The LAC Board was introduced to all the members and as part of our 25th Anniversary celebration, all meeting attendees were asked to write down a happy memory of something involving the LAC over the past years, to be included in a special published article. 
Always one to add a little levity to a meeting, Kathy then made us laugh with a little game involving some ludicrous shoes and birth dates – you really had to be there!  Once the meeting was over, a few members lingered for a bit more conversation, wandered upstairs to view the exhibit and memorabilia collection, and have a second breakfast.  Then full of facts, food and friendly feelings, they headed on home.
All photos by Charlie Casper

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