Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Ornament Workshop

 A cheerful group of about 12 people attended the holiday ornament making workshop on December 4th.

 Instructors Ann Quinn and Lynnette Kupferer showed how to create three very different ornaments - all of which were easy to assemble and beautiful as a finished product.  For one ornament, the group was shown how to string beads on a star shaped wire structure - crafters selected various colored beads to create a design that sparkled in the light.  Another simple project involved painting and decorating a tiny wood birdhouse. One of the most complex and unusual ornament creations was directed by Lynnette.  Artists selected a clear plastic ball ornament.  Acrylic craft paint was dripped in the top opening and then the fun began.  By shaking and turning the ball, the paint ran down the inside and flowed together to create an intricate pattern of colors.
Even our youngest participant, age 3, enjoyed the morning. With his mother's help, and encouragement by the group, he created the bead ornament first - his little fingers fitting the beads onto the wire base.  Next came the birdhouse with paint getting on both the house and his "paint" shirt.  In between were several trips to the food table to enjoy the tasty treats.

  It was a fun morning and a lovely way to complete our craft making series of workshops for this year.  Several of the attendees were new to the LAC Art Center who found us due to the listing in the Denver Post.  We enjoyed welcoming them and watching as new friendships were formed. 
Submitted by Kathy Berls

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