Friday, December 7, 2012

A Great Holiday Party for LAC!

With holiday music playing in the background, the mood was set for a festive gathering of LAC members and friends.  Over 50 people attended the event (even with that Bronco's game!) and our place was filled with lively conversation and laughter.  A large pot of chili added a yummy smell as people filled their cups for a tasty treat - it's always a delicious concoction as several volunteers make their special recipes for tasting.  Everything is combined in a big batch for a unique and wonderful blend.  Add in an assortment of wine and desserts and you've got a sure recipe for a happy party.

If you didn't make the party (and WHY didn't you?), we still have two weeks of shopping fun at our art center.  Lots of lovely things to choose from - perhaps that special hard to find item you've been looking for?

 A very happy holiday to all of you!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 19th for our annual member's breakfast - we have planned one long party for 2013 as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary!
Submitted by Kathy Berls.  Photos by Charlie Casper.

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