Sunday, April 1, 2012

Glue, Paper, Scissors Equals Decoupage Fun

On a recent Tuesday morning a number of ‘adult kindergarten’ enthusiasts gathered for the latest in a series of craft workshops to hone their skills in decoupage.  Ann Quinn led the fun, and after learning that no one had ever done decoupage, she began with a short explanation of the craft of cutting paper apart and gluing to another  surface (decoupage comes from the French word meaning ‘to cut). 

 Several books from the library provided inspiration for some impressive projects (why not copy color photocopies from large art books and decoupage the Sistine Chapel on your kitchen ceiling?).   
 A short demo by Ann revealed a simple process of cutting objects from papers such as wallpaper, photos, greeting cards, calendars, and magazines followed by gluing and sealing the papers to items such as boxes, frames, wooden bowls, trays, or plastic Easter eggs.   

Most of those attending brought an object to complete, and others chose potential treasures that Kathy Berls had gathered from the local thrift stores.  It’s always fun to take a ‘past its prime’ object and turn it into a masterpiece!  And we all can use another excuse to go trolling at the thrift stores!

Over the two hours of cutting and pasting everyone talked and shared ideas, creating much needed stress relief for some and a great time for everyone.   All of us left with at least one completed project, and lots of motivation to try more projects at home.  

Keep checking the LAC schedule for another upcoming workshop and join us next time!

Our thanks to Ann Quinn for authoring this post!

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