Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day Luncheon at the LAC 2012
 submitted by Ann Quinn
The Earth Day celebration at the gallery was perfect!  Our beautiful Earth cooperated with a near-perfect Sunday afternoon, and the attending crowd was in high spirits at the prospect of good food, camaraderie, and talk of growing things!  Master Gardener Laura Stevens was on hand with a wonderful display of resources, a tremendous variety of seeds to give away, and questions of all kinds were answered. 
 Laura instructing Liesa and Lynnette
  I took the opportunity to discuss companion planting, using disease resistant plants for protection of other plants rather than pesticides. She said she would look into what might be eating my marigolds!
 Laura with Melinda
Laura, who works with the Ute Trail Community Garden in Lakewood,  also taught us how to create our own seed pots using recycled newspaper rolled and pressed into shape…when the seedlings are large enough the entire ‘pot’ could be placed in the garden. 
  Laura and Barb talking plants
The food was healthy (we have wonderful cooks at the LAC!) and so delicious, and as usual the desserts were so-o-o-o tempting.  Whole Foods gave us a large gift certificate for the occasion, too!
 Wonderful food and Whole Foods Donation
            Everyone left with a renewed interest in growing and recycling and also with an herb plant of their choice to begin their spring garden. 

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