Friday, January 13, 2012

A Look at Andy McKelvy's Art by Cindy Haase

Botanical in Black and White

Solar Power
I was at the Art Center on the 8th for our January LAC Board meeting.  A painting caught my eye, and I knew immediately it was the work of Andy McKelvy.   She's one of the artists at LAC whose work I greatly admire. 

Why do I admire her art?  Of all the art concepts: value, shape, color, texture and line....Andy uses shapes and values expertly.  If you look at her "Botanical in Black and White" piece, I think you will see that her composition was well thought out to take advantage of the contrast of shapes and the values to make her drawing come alive.  She didn't have color as a tool, and while texture and line are used they are not her major tools in this piece.  It's the shapes, some small and delicate, some large and solid.

Looking at "Solar Power",  again she has used shapes and value to her advantage.  The white shapes virtually pop out of the painting when contrasted against the dark negative shapes. This time she did employ the tool of color, texture and line, but the painting is really not about the color...its' about the glorious shapes.  If I look at the painting and then close my memory of the painting is about the shapes and value/contrast. 

Notice I haven't talked about the media at it's not really important.  It just goes to prove a point I believe.  Good art is good art no matter what the medium.  These pieces would work in any media.  They are very strong.  Well done Andy!!

Postscript...If you want to see some fabulous line work take a look at Katy Haas' wire sculptures.

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