Thursday, December 8, 2011

Artists Statement

Who has taken the time to write a really super artist statement? Let's see the hands...anyone? Anyone? I was asked to write one in less than a day for the Randy Higbee Fall 6" Squared Exhibit in Costa Mesa. What I submitted was a concoction on the fly of a past interview and how I was feeling that day.

Here is what I sheepishly submitted:
Artist Statement: In my approach the work comes first then the concepts. I don't wait for inspiration, my inspiration comes from just painting. Working mostly in still life I start by arranging objects, classically lighting them (from the left), and moving them about until the lighting creates an abstract structure. It's not about the objects for me, it's about how the light reveals the form, separating the scene into light and dark structures. It's the drama of the scene I crave, not so much to render an apple (or any object) correctly.

I've been sleepless at night since then thinking about artists statements...and have been reading artists statements. I'm not talking about a bio, or a CV (resume), or testimonials....just a good old solid, true and real artist statement.

Here are a couple of really good articles I found on the internet and will be tackling a new artist statement in the next week. I'll share some of my thoughts and work as I go along. Hopefully this will inspire you to take a look at yours or even think about having one.

How to Write an Artist Statement by

How to Write and Use an Artist Statement by Molly Gordon

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