Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July Member's Breakfast - A Fun Party!

Well, no-one's ever said that the members of the Lakewood Arts Council don't know how to have fun! The recent member's breakfast was no exception as members and their guests gathered for a delicious breakfast provided by the LAC Board. People were greeted at the door by LAC Vice President June Davis and Board Member Warner Reeser. Their warm welcome set the tone for a fun and friendly morning of lively conversation, event updates and the always popular games. One game tested everyone's powers of observation - Leslie Bitgood proved the best at solving such challenging questions as "Name as many things as you can find in the classroom that are green" (everything from a green sponge to a green roofed birdhouse) and "How many things can you find that start with the letter B" (this included everything from Barbara to boobs!). New friends were made and old ones renewed. We're looking forward to our next gathering on Saturday, July 23 - a garden themed party and luncheon. We plan to decorate garden hats, paint colorful pots...and even paint our fingernails an assortment of wild colors. Plan to join us!

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