Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Garden Party! by Ann Quinn

The Best

This spring Kathy Berls asked if I’d like to help with a garden party get- together involving lunch and crafts at the gallery. Always up for pretending I’m back in kindergarten, I said sure! What fun we had today! A small group of eight had a wonderful lunch, thanks to Kathy (salad, sandwiches, fruit tart, and her famous chocolate pie for dessert)...and a little wine, too (I never had that in kindergarten!) We each had a clay pot to decorate and a garden hat to embellish, using a huge table of every add-on imaginable: feathers, paint, bees, bugs, nests, birds, butterflies, ribbon, raffia, glue, fabric, chalkboard paint…well, you get the idea…With lots of talking we all set to work ...what fun! You can see the results: creative pots, (there was a take-home plant to put in each pot), and a best hat contest, which we narrowed down to three winners…they were all too original! To accentuate the hats, we all painted our fingernails to match! Even Kathy got over her “I don’t do crafts” and made a pot and a hat worthy of prizes! And Barb Tobiska created a hat to match her summer green outfit! We all agreed that we should have a garden party again…perhaps embellishing birdhouses? Look for details later…

Posing Pretty!

Going to Pot(s)!

Hats! The Whole Gang

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