Sunday, June 12, 2011

Co-Op Gallery gets a face lift!

The main floor of the LAC Art Center was a busy place over the weekend. Co-Op members brought in new work to be displayed...but first, lots of patching and painting was done. Matching that white paint was no easy task, but a close shade was mixed from a small sample by the folks at Ace Hardware. It was good thick paint and a rough, stucco roller was used to fill all the holes from past hangings - which had become a distraction from the wonderful artwork on display. With Kathy wielding the roller and Charlie doing the detail work with a brush, the place got a nice fresh look. After drying overnight, the walls were ready for hanging. As usual, the furniture was rearranged to display the stained glass and three dimensional work to its best advantage. And..if you haven't been in recently, you'll notice the used book shelves have been moved out into the main gallery and the classroom opened up. Everything is labled with new i.d. tags identifying the Co-Op work. So come on in and see the results - there is lots of new artwork to view!

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