Thursday, May 17, 2018

Artists Choice -- Juror's Comments

The opening reception for the Lakewood Arts Artists Choice Exhibit was attended by the juror for the show, Pat Fostvedt.  She told us all a little about herself, then explained her reasons for choosing all the award winners. 
The pieces were all very creative, all unique, she said.  Each piece was an abstraction of sorts, meaning the artists' own interpretation of their subject. 
Only merit award winner Carolyn Tegeder's collage, "Taking Shape" was non-representational.  She chose this piece because of it's unique shape, and neutralized colors.  Never use colors that viewers can identify and name, Pat told the audience.  It's important to neutralize and modify your colors. 

However, Ray Harrison's "Coyboy's Dream" was full of vivid color, and she loved his unique interpretation of a horse.  She wasn't the only one who appreciated this piece, as it sold the first day of the show (and even got more than one offer!)  Congratulations to Ray on his merit award and sale!

The third merit award winner, "Top Knot Man", a photograph by Andi Sahlen, was a photo-shopped creation of a character she met while visiting Easter Island.  Again, Pat appreciated the creativity of this photo.

A third place ribbon went to me, Gail Firmin for my watercolor, "Girasole".  Pat loves flowers and paints them often herself, but doesn't like to choose too many to win awards. However, she appreciated my creative take on a pot of sunflowers.  The treatment was different, and noted how some of the edges were lost into the background, and added that the lettering also lent itself to a successful composition.

Camilla Williams' watercolor/collage entitled, "Canyon Roads" made an impression on the juror, enough for a second place ribbon.  She loved the coloring, the subtlety of the warm hues pushing certain areas forward while cooler blues made other areas recede.  Pat surmised that Camilla must have had a "dialogue" with the painting, letting it speak to her in order to complete it, not knowing exactly how it would turn out.

First place went to Carolyn Belfor for her watercolor/collage, "No Fly Zone".  Pat again loved the creativity and noted that this was such a unique piece.  One topic she discussed regarding the use of collage was the choice to use materials created by the artist vs. preprinted materials, which could cause copyright issues.

The last piece of advice Pat offered to artists is to paint adjectives, don't paint nouns.  I thought this was quite a unique, creative bit of instructional food for thought, and one I plan to integrate into my art and teaching.  Thank you for your thoughtful jurying, Pat!  And your helpful insight and inspiration!

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