Saturday, March 3, 2018

Juror's Abstract Thoughts

Juror Patricia Rucker had a difficult job of culling from over 100 entries, the Expressions in Abstract call for entry.  She chose a nice selection of abstracts for the Lakewood Arts Gallery's Expressions in Abstract show which now hangs through the end of March.  At last night's opening reception, she spoke about her process for choosing award winners.  A good abstract must adhere to the same rules of design elements and principles as any other work.  Good composition, value structure, line, texture etc must be evident in an abstract just like in a non-abstract work she says.  She also looks for what dominates in a painting.  Referring to the award winners, she pointed out that Carolyn Tegeder's two merit award winners emphasize shape.  Carolyn is a shape painter, Patricia noted.  Russ Ahren's piece, the second place award winner,  is essentially non-objective (not a requirement for an abstract), but shows such good presentation.  Even the framing of his piece complements the textures evident in his work.  And she found Jane Dorsey's first place winner such a striking painting.  It is a representational rendering of a mountain scene, but the colors and textures were what qualified it for a first place winner. Thank you Patricia for all your hard work!

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