Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Soup's On!

There was more than a soupcon of soup at the Lakewood Arts soup tasting event last night --in fact, there were 11 different soups to taste, which made judging the best a difficult task!  From vegetarian lentil, to creamy ham and potato, spicy chili and even a sweet dessert soup,
the crowd enjoyed sitting down to a bowlful of deliciousness and going back for more.
Crockpots made space for the feisty Instapot newcomers, and lots of powerstrips kept it all hot.  The cooks and visitors sampled as many as possible, mopped it up with cheesy bread and when all were sitting back in their chairs fully satiated, the judge and jury counted votes and declared it a ham and potato win by an overwhelming majority!

 Congratulations to Sheila McFather!  With the prize basket placed in her outstretched arms she had to laugh and say her kids will be amazed since she really doesn't like to cook.
 Coulda fooled us, Sheila!

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