Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Colorado's Best -- Juror Comments on Award Winners

Oil and pastel artist Tracy Wilson juried this year's Colorado's Best exhibit.  Here are photos of the award winners along with her comments. 

1st place Jim Rothrock
The strong design and color/value contrast of this painting make for a successful composition that reaches out and grabs the viewer and pulls us in. Placement of the leaves creates a lovely circuitous path for the eye to move through the paintings and up to the well placed focal area. The background provides dull dark colors and soft edges that beautifully support and “pop” the bright, light, hard edge leaf shapes.

 2nd Place Lynnette Kupferer
This successful abstract provides the viewer with plenty of interest. It almost functions as two paintings at two different viewing distances. From a far viewing distance the piece reads as one large abstract shape that is both bold and graceful and forms a well placed, well balanced positive shape against the
negative space of the background. From a distance it reads as two shapes: one positive and one negative. Close up, the viewer explores the intricacies of alternating straight and curved edges, within a variety of shapes and colors.

 Merit Award Gail Firmin
This is a nice example of a “stylized” painting. Several elements are working together to support a cheerful and light hearted feeling in this painting. The primary color palette corresponds well to the whimsy of the image: the design of the embroidered pattern creates a playful path for the eye to travel around the image and back again.

 Merit Award Linda Harris
The artist has made some good choices with this painting. The width of the painting allows the viewer to appreciate the landscape and sets up the placement of the large tree in front to be a well placed focal
area. The main horizontal divisions of the piece are close to, but not exactly, 1/3rds. This creates unity in the piece while still maintaining variety. The use of light bright color under the large tree was a goodchoice in supporting and emphasizing the focal area.

Merit Award Sue Lewis
Lovely analogous color palette combined with organic curved fluid shapes makes for a pleasing and calming viewing experience. Another interesting characteristic of this duo is that the juxtaposition of how they hang together on a wall can be changed and they will still balance together.

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