Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gorgeous Gardens

The Lakewood Arts Council is celebrating spring with garden grandeur:  the Garden Inspirations exhibit in the Acorn Gallery and the upcoming Garden Tour.  Get inspired for the tour by perusing the fun and artistic display at the LAC Acorn Gallery. Deep purple blooms, larger than life size 3D works, watercolor, pastel and oil renditions of your favorite flowers as well as a wonderful stained glass lamp to light up the floral display.  Sculptures galore and a whole wall devoted to yellow.  You must come in and see it!
The LAC Annual Garden Tour takes place Saturday, June 27.  Tickets include a luncheon at the gallery and exciting demo's as well as a tour of all the Lakewood gardens.  Call the gallery at 303 980-0625 for details.

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  1. Am I to envy you, your fairy tale?
    When all I see, is cold, hard, truth.
    -Marc Breed