Monday, February 3, 2014

Murals by Allen Tupper True

Twice now, I’ve seen the name Allen Tupper True mentioned in the media alongside photos of some quite spectacular murals and it’s caught my attention.  True was a local artist, born in Colorado Springs, and painted a number of murals in the area, but the latest of interest are the works of art located in what once was the Colorado National Bank building downtown.  This structure has been transformed into the new Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel and is due to open in February.  Much of the original architecture and bank vaults have been preserved, along with 16 original murals painted by True.

According to Wikipedia, Allen True was born in 1881, lived in Texas and Mexico before he moved to Denver.  He graduated from Manual High School, then went on to Denver University.  Studying at Pyle School, he learned the art of illustration along with alumni such as N.C. Wyeth.  In addition to the Colorado National Bank building murals, he also painted in many other locations in Colorado, such as the Colorado State Capitol, South High School, the Qwest building and Greek Theatre.  He became know as an authority of Native American costume and artifacts.  The series of 16 murals in the new Renaissance Hotel include 5 triptychs of different aspects of native life, titled “Indian Memories”.  These depict the days of Indians before contact with the white race.  Allen Tupper True died in 1955, but his murals live on.   The hotel is located at 918 17th St in Denver, and includes the restaurant, Range, offering local, Rocky Mountain-inspired fare, according to Denver Life Magazine.
photos from wikipedia

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