Friday, October 4, 2013

Charlie and the Girls

The second annual Artists’ Challenge deadline is finally here and the show will be hung this weekend.  What started out as a fun, themed show last year among five artists has continued to grow with the addition of 2 more artists and a few more themes.  The idea behind the challenge is that a few willing artists submitted 2 or 3 exhibit themes each and over the year artwork was created to creatively interpret those themes.  Last year, some subjects were cows, fish, comfort, patterns, and ocean.  This year the subjects are: Spiky Things, Letters, Safe Harbor, submitted by Ann Quinn; Dogs, Carnival, submitted by Gail Firmin; Wild Animals, Civilizations, submitted by Charlie Casper; Hats, Glass, Stripes, submitted by the late Kathy Berls, Reflections, Insects, Sunrise, Chairs, Oriental, Mountains and Citrus submitted by Barb Tobiska, Barb Benik and Lynnette Kupferer.
Ideally, all the work should have been created over the past year, but with busy schedules and painting time being the first activity to be bumped, it was necessary to go through my inventory to find a few existing pieces that fit the themes.  My original plan was to create a new piece of artwork every month starting last October to satisfy the painting challenge and I fulfilled that requirement for a few months.  So there are a number of new pieces as well as older works that are going into this show.
I know the main question that everyone wants answered is why is the show called “Charlie and the Girls”?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Charlie, being the token male in the group of six women, and with a joke for everything, wanted to call the show, “Charlie’s Angels”.  As you can imagine, the six of us nixed that!  So it remains, "Charlie and the Girls". The show will hang through the end of October, with an opening reception Thursday, October 10 from 6:30-8 pm.  Come on out and see the show!
"Fetched" ink and watercolor by Gail Firmin for the "dog" theme

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