Thursday, August 15, 2013

Children's Art and "Art & Soul" Exhibits

Two groups thrilled to exhibit their artwork at the Lakewood Arts Council Community Center and Gallery are the Art & Soul program of the DDRC (Development Disability Resource Center)

                      Art of some of the mentors and students of Art & Soul.

 and the Lakewood Youth Summer Arts Program students.  A reception was held Thursday evening for these two groups to show their work and enjoy some refreshments and socializing. 

The Art & Soul program currently has eleven students, with age ranges from 30 to 90, and six mentors: Marje Walsh, Gail Firmin, Myron Eckberg, Paul Gesso, Jim Rothrock, and Andy Dubois. 

                      Myron, Andy, Jim and Marje enjoy the show.

 The class meets once a week in a classroom provided by the Clements Community Center in Lakewood.  Mentors take turns giving lessons on various watercolor techniques and, a favorite part for many students, providing a healthy snack!  (Ok, sometimes it’s not-so-healthy cupcakes and donuts.) As Marje Walsh states, “This class is a closely knit group of students and mentors.  It is comprised of compassionate, caring, and cooperative individuals who make watercolor painting an important part of their lives.”
Some amazing artwork has been produced by these students over the years (and most have been in the class for at least as many years as I’ve been there – 7 years now!).  Stop by the gallery to view their exhibit if you haven’t already done so.

 A paper dragon from the Youth Summer Arts Program was a cooperative effort.

Upstairs in the loft gallery, a dragon sits on its nest, a beast snakes down the wall and a black, scaly face stares at you with beady eyes. 

 Fun sculptures in bright colors show vivid imaginations at work, comic book strips are drawn creatively and the portraits on the walls make it hard to believe they’re drawn by teenagers. 

 These artworks by students of the Lakewood Youth Summer Art Program show a lot of creativity and joy of their craft.  These artists range in age from 7 to 17.

Talented and experienced teachers help the students with clay figures and paintings.

 Classes are held at the Washington Heights and Lakewood Cultural Center and include Weaving, Pottery Painting, Drawing, Comic Strip Cartooning, Mudslinging with Clay, Designing Dragons, Portrait Drawing and more.  Along with these visual art camps, Lakewood also offers classes in theater, magic, singing and others.
Jim Olson from the City of Lakewood indicates, “These art classes encourage experimentation, creativity and work, and familiarize the young artists with the principles and elements of design and to have fun.” And viewing this exhibit, it is certainly evident that these kids had fun!  I just want to know if I’m too old to sign up for the Dragon Designing Class!

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