Friday, June 28, 2013

In the News: New Art, New Members

Stopping in the Lakewood Arts Council Gallery to look around, you may notice a change – walls in the co-op gallery are now hung with art grouped by artist rather than mixed as before. This not only creates more of an impact when viewing the artists’ work, but makes it easy to point out the artists’ pieces when a customer inquires. 

  Katy Haas, Gallery Co-Manager and Exhibits Chair, has been doing such a great job with organizing co-op, loft and LAC Members’ Gallery exhibits.  And she has brought in a few new co-op members to fill vacated spots.

The creativity of Gail Kleiner, Paul Gesso, Terry Schulz, Mike and Shirley Coen, and Carla Stoltzfus will now be gracing the co-op gallery’s walls and display areas.  I asked each new member to answer a few questions so we could all get to know them a little better.

                   Some of Paul Gesso's artwork
Paul Gesso enjoys painting horses – this fascination developed during school field trips to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  He would take an art pad and pencils to draw the displays of standing horses and mounted knights.  His “Pony Express” is a good example of his preferred subject and his favorite medium, watercolor and ink.
                          "Pony Express" by Paul Gesso

As a team, Mike and Shirley Coen’s preferred medium is stone and metal, which they incorporate into their jewelry.  They both studied art in college and are now ready to follow their dreams, and would like to explore working with metal – from metal casting to metal clay.

Gail Kleiner moved to Colorado in 2007 after a long and successful Federal Government career in Washington DC.  She returned to her earlier interest in art and began studying watercolor with various teachers in the community, improving her skills and learning new techniques.

                        Some of Gail Kleiner's artwork

Growing up on the shores of Lake Superior inspired Carla Stoltzfus to capture the surrounding beauty on paper – and watercolor is now her passion.  Over the years her work has become more refined and she has found the critiques at the LAC Gallery have helped her grow as an artist.

                        Above artwork by Carla Stoltzfus

All the new members that answered my survey agree that the spirit of community and support of different expressions of art at the LAC Gallery, the nurturing spirit for new ideas, the wonderful people and opportunity to contribute and learn from others were all reasons to join the LAC Co-op.  More exposure for their art, especially with the 3 separate show areas that change out periodically were also big draws for these exhibiting artists.
                       Photography by Terry Schulz

he LAC Members’ Gallery downstairs will be displaying a “Flower” themed show from June 29 through August 9 to complement the LAC sponsored Garden Tour, while upstairs continues with the LAC Invitational show through July 12, with incoming Aurora Artist Guild works from July 15 through August 9.  Stop in and see what’s new!

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