Friday, November 2, 2012

A Tasteful Event

 One of the LAC’s most popular events, the annual Soup Tasting, held Thursday evening at the LAC Community Center and Gallery was once again a well-attended gathering.

It was also a feast for the senses as savory aromas drifted from the kitchen, lively jazz tunes filled the air, there was plenty of artwork for viewing and of course, delicious tasting soups warmed our bellies.

Tables were set up throughout the gallery to provide enough seating for the large crowd, and it was fun to visit with neighboring tables as guests refilled their sample mugs with the various soups.
Twelve different soups – how best to approach this?  My tactic was to try the non-cream based soups first.  Italian Wedding Soup with its lovely little meatballs, spinach and pasta, the perfectly spiced Gumbo, a vegan soup made with butternut squash, leeks, rosemary, and a vegetable broth made from boiling the leek greens.  Now that’s really made from scratch! 
 Loraine Miller’s Borscht was a beautiful red-hued mix of tang and sweet.  “A painstaking process to make”, she explained to Lynnette, who deemed it her favorite.  “You must slice the cabbage very thin, then the potatoes”.  I also identified beets, carrots – I’ll have to ask for the recipe. 

 Next came the potato soups – some with ham, or cheese, or bacon – how to decide which I liked best?  Chicken Enchilada, two types of Clam Chowder.  Oh boy, I’m getting full and there’s delicious looking cookies for dessert that I can’t possibly pass up!  Hopefully my Black Bean and Pumpkin soup was good as I didn’t even taste it.  But by the looks of the empty crock pot, I guess it was.  
As more pots emptied and tasting slowed, the fully sated guests said their goodbyes and Geoff Cleveland’s keyboard closed up.  Kathy and Jan cleaned up the kitchen and thoughts strayed to the next big event coming up – the Holiday Fine Art and Crafts Sale.  “Tis the Season!

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