Monday, August 20, 2012

LAC Garage Sale

LAC Garage Sale - another successful fund-raiser!

Following two days of delivery of donations for this year's garage sale volunteers began work sorting and pricing all the items to prepare for the big sale on Friday and Saturday.
The garage doors opened at 7:30 on Friday morning. By the time volunteers Loraine Miller, Anita Lamprell and Marje Walsh arrived at 8:00 am, customers had piles of merchandise ready for check-out. 
 (An ongoing question was: how much for that 1948 Ford truck?!)
 Volunteer Loraine Miller greeted everyone with a smile as the shoppers continued to come all morning.  Top priority was to get first pick at all the art supplies! 
We did a brisk business for the entire two days.  By the time we closed at 2:30 on Saturday, there was very little left.  From the comments received through-out the two days, it was obvious this wasn't JUST a garage sale.  It was a way to support the Arts Council and it's efforts to promote community artists.  Several people said "keep the change" or " I didn't really find anything to buy, but may I leave a donation for LAC?"

Some wonderful stories emerged as to why people were shopping:  one lady was the librarian on a Native American reservation - she bought boxes and boxes of children's books and computer games.  Two high school age girls bought very large canvases for an art project they were working on - throwing paint-filled balloons at the canvas to watch the colors merge and drip.
A very special thanks to all our volunteers: to Ann Quinn, Ellie Walker, Tracy Wilson and Carol Schutz for sorting and marking all that stuff; to Loraine Miller, Anita Lamprell, Marje Walsh, Anne Marie Butler, Arlene Krogstad, J Bisant, Liesa Malik, Cindy Ahrenkiel for working at the sale....and special thanks to Jan Casper for being a "regular" during all of the sale! And of course a big thank you to everyone who donated or shopped at the sale, helping us raise over $1,200 for LAC!

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