Tuesday, July 17, 2012

LAC's New "Library Lounge"

The next time you visit our Art Center and Gallery, be sure to check out the new "library lounge" area we've created upstairs. 
 You'll find the popular used book section located there,
as well as the Mountainside Art Guild lending library where members of MAG and LAC can check out art books, videos and DVD's.

You'll also find an expanded recycled gift area,

 and information on other arts groups and their activities.

 Sit down and relax for awhile as you enjoy the current show in the Loft!  This new arrangement will not affect the number of works we can include in our open, rental and juried shows upstairs. There is still enough wall space and lots of display panels and pedestals.  We will still be able to include from 100-125 pieces in these exhibits and we've gained some much needed space on the main floor for the LAC Gallery and for our classes and events.  We invite you to come in and take a look!
submitted by Kathy Berls

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