Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Garden Flags Craft Workshop

On Tuesday morning, June 26, a small group gathered to decorate garden flags at the LAC gallery.  Ann Quinn had prepared two different fabrics (black and white) and also had a full array of wire flag holders, expertly made and donated by her father-in-law Boyd Quinn.  To expedite the process, Ann provided a reference folder full of line drawings with gardening and nature themes.  Some of us used markers and stencils to design the 8” x 15” flags, and others used paint to create.  There were also flags available the size of seed packets that could be used to label a vegetable garden or to indicate where bulbs are planted.  This labeling technique is most helpful to gardeners who carefully plant bulbs in the fall, then accidently dig them up again when planting over the summer!  It was fun for all, beginning with the continental breakfast and coffee, followed by the continual chatter as we all worked and laughed hard, and ending with the final step of stapling the finished flags onto the holders!
For those who missed this craft workshop, Ann’s garden is on the garden tour in July, so you’ll have a chance to see a few of the flags in action!

By Ann Quinn

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