Sunday, May 6, 2012

Check Out the Lending Library
One benefit of being a Lakewood Arts Council member is the use of Mountainside Art Guild’s library of art related books, DVD’s and videos.  I recently developed an interest in pursuing a new medium: pastel.  Perusing the movie titles on the shelf I came upon two videos on pastel landscapes which looked intriguing.

Lynnette Kupferer, MAG and LAC member, who manages the library, keeps a notebook for recording checked-out items.  With a two movie limit, I signed them out with their titles, my name and phone number, and looked forward to being inspired by masters of pastel.  Reading an instructional manual can be educational and fun, but actually watching the process at work is even more helpful I think.  I enjoyed watching Bob Rohm fill his pastel paper with color and learned how he makes his hue and value choices.  And Barry Watkin, with his British accent, tweed cap and Cotswold plein aire painting sites, made his video quite charming. 
I appreciate the opportunity to borrow these videos for two weeks, as they’re probably an expense I would not normally make.  The books and videos are shelved near the kitchen downstairs at the LAC gallery.  Check them out!

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