Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lemon, Pear and Apple Challenge - My Picks

Watercolor by Cheryl Annett
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Watercolor by Kathy Cranmer
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After a very frustrating morning in my own studio, I decided to pop in at the LAC Art Center and Gallery to see how the Lemon, Pear, and Apple Challenge turned out.

I was so pleasantly surprised how diverse a few simple objects (fruit, no less) can be.  Two paintings caught my eye immediately.  Here's why, they were:

-  Colorful and Bright
-  Big
-  Appropriately Framed
- Appealing shapes (pun intended!)
- Some complexity that was well done (stripes and reflections...oh my!)
- And the more I looked at the paintings the more there was to see

Lemons can be difficult to paint.  The color on the shadow side of lemons can become muddy really fast, and the transluscency of cut lemon showing through on the shadow side causes me fits when I attempt it.  I paint lemons in pastel, oil and colored pencil...painting them in watercolor, seems to me, would be unforgiving.  Get it right or start over.

Wonderfully conceived and executed paintings Cheryl and Kathy! Brava! 

All of the paintings in this exhibit have their own charm about them.

Respectfully Submitted, Cindy Haase, Board Member-LAC

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