Sunday, August 21, 2011

I am woman...hear me roar!

All the ladies attending the August 20th luncheon stood a little taller after hearing the presentation from guest author Charlotte Waisman about her book "Her Story - A Timeline of Women Who Changed America". This well informed and entertaining speaker presented many stories of women who made an impact on American history - both big and small. Some are relatively unknown but their accomplishments were great. Do you know why Lane Bryant first created her line of clothing? Or who the woman was who identified the HIV virus? Along with co-author Jill Tietjen, Charlotte has created a chronoligical order of women and their achievements in a largely pictoral format. Not only did we hear about these interesting people, we learned how the book came into being, how the two women met, and the problems they faced in getting their book published. Many of us bought an autographed copy of the book to take home and enjoy - but it can also be found at your local library. The feeling was this book should be part of the school curriculum and would make a perfect gift for any young woman starting college.

The delightful afternoon included the usual delicious lunch and time to relax and enjoy a conversation with friends.

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