Sunday, January 5, 2020

First Friday with Colorado Mosaic Artists

The First Friday Art Walk of the year offered a beautiful exhibit of mosaics from the Colorado Mosaic Artists, acrylic pours from Anna Kogler, a silverpoint drawing demo by Kristi Czajkowski, and tarot readings to start the new year out.  Take a look at these photos from Viv Prince that captured the evening's activites.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Dia de los Muertos People's Choice Award Winners

The People have spoken, and awarded prizes to their most liked pieces of art in the Lakewood Arts Gallery's Dia de los Muertos exhibit.  Here are the award winners:
1st Place
Day of the Dead with Delphiniums
By Jesse Neumann

2nd Place
4 Skulls
By Robyn Cochran Ragland

A Trick of the Light
By George Patterson 

Sight Beyond Sight
By Lauren Lang

Day of the Dead With a Sunflower
By Jesse Neumann 

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Mask & Hat Award Winners

Masks and Hats were on display at the Lakewood Arts Gallery's First Friday Art Walk last night, just in time for Halloween!  Such creativity was evident with a beach-themed hat, masks made out of leather or even bark, pretty hats decorated with flowers and even one to take to the poker tables!  Jane Dorsey handed out cash awards to the winners in the different categories.  This fun show was a fundraiser for the gallery and hopefully it will become a fall tradition!

Also in the gallery was the annual show of artwork from Charlie and the Girls, featuring work from eponymous Charlie Casper, Gail Firmin, Linda Harris, Jane Dorsey, Lynnette Kupferer, and LAC founder, Barb Tobiska. Sarah Marcus intrigued the crowd with her jewelry making demo and everyone enjoyed the evening!
Photos courtesy of Gail Firmin and Viv Prince.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Many Mini Winners Win Big!

The opening reception for the Mountainside Art Guild's National Miniature Show hasn't happened yet, but awards have been awarded and the show is going on! Be sure to pop in for the First Friday reception this Friday, September 6 from 5-9pm or just stop in during business hours 11-5 Wed-Sun to see this wonderful show!  Here's a sneak peak at the winners.
Best in Show:
"Ingredients" by Johanna Morrell

First Place: "Henrietta" by Deb Jenkins

Second Place: "Billy" by Akiko Watanabe

Third Place: "Granny Green" by Peggy Hart
Merit: "Winter Sidewalk" by Brian Paulsen
Merit: "Off the Map" by Mark Eirhart
Chairperson Award: "Forest in the Sky" by Maggie Giza
Blick Art Award: "Delicate Delight" by Linda Rossin

Colorado Watercolor Society Award: "Look But Don't Touch" by Vicki Drake

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Visions in Abstract Award Winners

Don't miss the First Friday Festivities this coming Friday, August 2.  There will be poetry readings by Kathleen Cain and Cyndeth Allison to the theme of Historic Colfax, Jewelry-making demos on chasing and repousse by Rolina Carter, artwork by the students of Zocalo Outreach on the community wall, and last but not least, the opening reception for the LAC's Visions in Abstract show.  Here's a sneak peak at the award winners chosen by juror, Doug Kacena and a short bio on him:  
First Place: "Poppies" by Lily Gauthier
Second Place: "Remembering Mountains" by Stacey Roberts
Merit Award: "Searching" by Carolyn Tegeder 
Merit Award: "Wave" by Annette Sapp
Merit Award: "Celeste" by Lily Gauthier 
Photos courtesy of Annette Sapp.